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FINDING AN ANGEL / Patricia De La Ossa
In late April 2014, my right leg & ankle began to swell. I was familiar with mild-end-of-day-fluid retention in both legs. I had learned that this is not unusual, since I have hypothyroidism, & other immune system disorders.
As the swelling became worse, & painful, I went to Urgent Care. It was diagnosed as unilateral Edema. After a CXR, venous & arterial dopplers were completed to rule out CHF & blood clots. I was OK.
Knowing that was a relief, yet looking down at my ever-growing right leg was frightening & disturbing. The skin was shiny tight.
I was referred to a Lymphatic Therapist. That’s where I found an Angel. That is Patricia! With a gentle calm manner, she explained the Lymphatic System, so that I could understand exactly what was happening in my leg & in my body. She told me her plan of treatment. Hearing her knowledge, & feeling her support removed any fear I had of the outcome.
By following Patricia’s instructions, & attending therapy sessions, I am overjoyed with the results, & blessed to have been sent to her. July 2013
Naomi Christie
P. S
For I will not get all the laughs we had. Thank for all your nice staff. Everyone is so kind. You have a wonderful Staff.
Dear Patricia
Wishing you the best of everything!
Thank you for being so kind and giving my legs back. You have been sovery sweet and really did try very hard to help me.
August 2014
Jane Joe & Susan O'Brien


A recent patient shares her thoughts and experiences at Physical Therapy Lymphatic & Wellness Center