Tai Chi is composed of slow movements, meditation and deep breathing which enhance physical health and emotional healing, especially when administered by a licensed physical therapist who is skilled in adjusting movements to gain strength without harming joints or muscles.

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Tai Chi (pronounced “tie chee”) is a gentle exercise program which can be administered either as a private session or in a group session. When administered by a physical therapist, Tai Chi can safely engage all the major muscle groups and joints to improve balance, agility, strength, flexibility, muscle tone and coordination.

Tai Chi Benefits:

  • This low-impact weight-bearing exercise strengthens bones and can slow bone loss, preventing osteoporosis.
  • When the mind, body and spirit are in balance, the body can relieve stress, combat disease and enhance physical well-being.
  • Tai chi can improve coordination, agility, posture and range of motion.
  • People who practice Tai Chi report they are more mentally alert and sleep more soundly at night.
  • Tai Chi sessions are beneficial for the immune system and central nervous system and can help with anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Great results have been seen for those with balance problems, chronic pain, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • The deep breathing can help digestion and gastrointestinal conditions, too.

These sessions are not just general Tai Chi instructional classes. Our physical therapist measures patients’ abilities to tolerate the movements and range of motion associated with Tai Chi in order to properly modify the activity to get the same benefits. We also look for proper posture, weight shifting and alignment to achieve balance and wellness. Call today for an appointment.