physical therapy tampa

Physical Therapy

This is more than physical therapy. We offer a skilled and caring touch plus a comprehensive follow up system to ensure that your mobility is preserved and you keep pain to a minimum.

tango therapy

Tango Therapy Dance

Discover how Adaptive Tango Dance and Tai Chi principles can help you with balance, Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological challenges.

Hollistic Treatments

Whether you need Essential Oils or want to try new technologies like Enlisten for conditions such as ADHD, autism or better focus, we can help.


This brain-based listening program can be helpful in improving motor and cognitive skills. This technology has proven effective in improving the performance of executives, athletes, musicians, people with autism, ADHD and Alzheimer’s, and those wanting to maximize their potential in a host of areas.

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Life Coach:

After years of providing physical therapy, we know how easy it can be for some patients to fall into an unhealthy lifestyle and forget to do their maintenance exercises. This can hinder healing and mobility. Our certified Health Coach can create a simple plan to keep you healthy and achieve your goals for wellness and freedom.

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How we’re different:

While many facilities are either medical practices or holistic treatment spas, we combine the best care and research from both ends of the care spectrum to provide you with the most compassionate and advanced therapies to achieve health and healing, both physically and emotionally.

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about wellness center

Welcome to Venice Wellness Center. We are dedicated to getting you and your family healthy again and making sure you stay that way. PHYSICAL THERAPY LYMPHATIC & WELLNESS CENTER of Venice, Florida provides comprehensive health care for patients of all ages, ranging from children to seniors. Our therapists combine biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences to provide you with superior health care. Once you experience our caring and compassionate staff and innovative treatments, you’ll be glad you came to visit us.

We are the only certified Lymphedema Therapist in area including (Venice/Englewood/North Port)

During our therapy, you will be dealing with the therapist directly.