Welcome you to the PHYSICAL THERAPY LYMPHATIC & WELLNESS CENTER. We are a wellness team, here to help ease your pains and make sure your days are as healthy as possible. At the Venice Wellness Center, we offer Physical Therapy and Lymphatic Therapy, as I have skillfully provided for 15 years. In addition, at the Venice Wellness Center we offer holistic therapies for pain, balance issues, the effects of cancer treatments, and some conditions associated with autism.

In October of 2016 Patricia De La Ossa and the Physical Therapy Lymphatic & Wellness Center were honored with a medal from Florida Governor Rick Scott for their commitment to excellent health care and their creation of jobs in the Venice area. The Hispanic Business Initiative Foundation, now Prospera, also awarded Patricia a “Success Story” distinction for her efforts and results at the Venice Wellness Center.

favicon physical therapyOUR MISSION:
To serve our community; bringing the knowledge of healing to light; providing excellent quality care and customer service.


Patricia De La Ossa
Patricia De La OssaPT / CLT
Patricia De La Ossa RPT/CLT, graduated as physical therapist in Colombia at Metropolitana University in 1986. She has been serving our Sarasota, Florida county community for 18 years. Certified in Lymphedema by The Academy of Lymphatic Studies, with specialized training on Wound Care, Kinesiotaping techniques and Craneosacral Therapy. Patricia is a certified therapist in Vestibular and balance disorders, Certification on Interactive Metronome; a training program that helps overcome attention, memory and coordination limitations; and certified as an Adaptive Tango Therapist in 2014. Patricia is also a professor in Cerebral Palsy and PNF techniques at Metropolitana University in Colombia. Wound care, Kinesiotaping and a craneosacral practitioner.
Roxanna Anderson
Roxanna AndersonPTA / L
Roxanna Anderson is a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant who graduated from Saint Petersburg Junior College in 1997. She has been practicing locally since she graduated. Her area of expertise is working with the geriatric population in acute care, sub acute care, home health care and out patient services. Over the last few years, she has taken several courses in Myokinesthetic System and became a certified practitioner in 2012. The Myokinesthetic System is based on the theory that posture is an outward expression of what is happening inside your body.
Janelle Ontog Golden
Janelle Ontog GoldenB.A. / MSW / CCPT
Janelle received an Associates Degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant from Broward College in 2001.She enjoys working with a diverse group of patients in the clinic or in a home health care setting. She has a vast amount of experience working with patients that have post surgical,orthopedic and neurological conditions. She received intensive training on Kinesiotaping , Lymphatic treatments and Wound care.Outside work Janelle enjoys gardening, crafts, and reading a good book.
Lina Iriarte
Lina IriarteOffice Manager
Lina Iriarte, Is the practice manager at Physical Therapy Lymphatic and Wellness Clinic. Lina has been employed with our group for the past 3 years, she is highly knowledgeable in health care management and health insurance practices. Lina is extremely dedicated to our patients needs, she has excellent interpersonal skills and is always willing to assist patients in any way possible.
Luisa F. Manieri
Luisa F. ManieriLMT, MLD
Luisa Manieri’s mission is to comfort clients who are currently in treatment for cancer, or who have gone through cancer treatments by helping them to regain and maintain their strength when the fight becomes tough dealing with the side effects of medications, chemo-therapy and/or radiation.