The Enlisten program assessment can determine how and where the brain is processing sounds. Based on the functional ability to listen, the brain impacts one’s ability to perceive, distinguish, organize, analyze, use sound and motor information. So, if certain sounds are being missed, a person’s functioning will be affected.

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  • Does your child struggle to concentrate in school? Teachers using Enlisten have seen improved behavior, reduced hyperactivity and increased interest and performance in thinking, reading and computing.
  • Are you looking to improve your child’s academic performance? Many have seen proficient students move to gifted status with Enlisten. Standardized test scores can also be improved.
  • Have you unsuccessfully tried to learn another language? EnListen accelerates your learning and trains your ear to tune in to unique sounds of a second language, to perceive its rhythm, and to understand both the thinking and culture.
  • Do you know someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s? Enlisten can retrain listening pathways following an accident, injury or illness.
  • Clients should consider Enlisten treatments if they seek to improve their performance in the areas of work, athletics, health, performing arts, science, math, education, relationships, well-being and personal growth.

The Enlisten technology determines what sounds are not being perceived and begins to stimulate those areas which should be hearing those sounds. It “trains” the brain to tune in to the sounds it is missing using a software program and proprietary headphones with bone and air conduction. The sessions are administered via computer at home, school, or at centers such as the Physical Therapy Lymphatic & Wellness Center. The program uses licensed and sound-engineered music by world renowned orchestras as well as professional sound recordings of literature to repair/rebuild distorted listening patterns.

Because this program affects and improves motor information and control, it works well for sports performance and musical instrument proficiency, too. Patricia De La Ossa, became convinced of the potential of the Enlisten technology when she used it to help her daughter with autism.  She has since used the system to initiate and improve motor functions, concentration and performance with great results.

Corporations, sports teams and orchestras are applying Enlisten to improve executive concentration, enhance player performance and advance skills to higher levels than expected.

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